Area authors release new children’s books




The latest children’s book, “Poohlicious: Look at Me!” by Maxy Literary award-winning author Mary Elizabeth Jackson and Maxy, Dove and Grammy award-winning author and songwriter Thornton Cline was released recently, as well as a solo children’s book, “The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Trumpet,” by Cline. 

“Poohlicious: Look at Me!” is follow-up book to “Perfectly Precious Poohlicious.” Alice Antimie illustrated the book. 

In the second book of the award-winning series, Poohlicious journeys through the wonders and adventures of Toddlerhood. See through Poohlicious’ curious eyes and experience a world full of “can dos” and “not sure ofs.” Always on the move, Poohlicious discovers all that a toddler can do, and mommy believes he is perfectly made no matter what may come. 

“The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Trumpet” is a fun creative story about a quiet girl, Kylie, who signs up for trumpet in the band. Even though she is talented, she doesn’t believe in herself. One night while watching television, her eyes catch an amazing woman trumpet player. The woman steps out of her TV screen and tells Kylie not to be afraid of what others might think of her playing and to believe in herself. She warns Kylie that if she keeps playing trumpet softly and not believing in herself, her trumpet will shrink. Kylie discovers that if she starts playing louder and believes in herself she can keep her trumpet from shrinking. 

Award-winning illustrator Susan Oliver illustrated the book. 

“Poohlicious: Look at Me!” is written for children 4 years old and younger, and “The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Trumpet” is written for children 4-8 years old, but both are books the entire family may enjoy reading together.  The books are currently available at,,, and  

Cline and Jackson will also be available for autographed copies at their book signings and several school book readings they conduct throughout the Nashville area as a public service and to help spread literacy. To find the times, dates and locations of book signings and readings, visit or  

“Poohlicious: Look at Me!” is Jackson’s second published book and Cline’s 17th published book. Other titles include “The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Drums” and “The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Ukulele.”

Award-winning author and songwriter and winner of the Maxy Literary Award for children’s book of the year for 2017 with Jackson, Cline has had three adult, non-fiction, two adult fiction and 11 children’s books published. “The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Violin” soared to No. 1 last year on the Amazon bestselling book chart for children’s music books and “Not My Time to Go” climbed to the top 10 books on the Amazon chart for adult spiritual, non-fiction books. 

Cline recently signed with literary agent, Paul Shepherd. Twice songwriter of the year for “Love is the Reason” recorded by Engelbert Humperdinck and Gloria Gaynor, Dove and Grammy-nominated songwriter, Cline has had more than 150 songs recorded by major and independent artists.

He teaches and performs the guitar, violin, and piano at Cumberland University, Sumner Academy and Hendersonville Christian Academy.

Jackson is a wife and mother of three. She balances her time between family and writing. “Poohlicious: Look at Me!” is Jackson’s second published book with Black Rose Writing. She is currently working on several series with Cline and Antimie. Jackson is an advocate for children with special needs. She is working on a bill to protect all children in the classroom across Tennessee. She lives in the Nashville area.