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Author, Writer, Educator and Advocate for Special Needs Children

Grace Scholl

Grace Scholl

With a degree in Fine Arts, Grace Scholl has maintained a love of art and literature since moving to the United States from Australia fourteen years ago. Miss Scholl received the President's Award for Educational Excellence, as well as 1st Place in the TACS National Spelling Bee two years in a row. She is also a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success(NSLS).

Her understanding and love of the English language has enabled her to use her skills to help college students write and edit their school papers. Scholl areas of focus are Evaluation Editor, Copy Editor, Line Editor, and/or Proofreader. Miss Scholl is an avid reader, sketch artist, and painter. When she is not at home or at college, she is traveling all over the country selling band merch. She hopes to someday become a professional in the field of writing and editing, and to continue traveling to new places.

Contact her at gracescholl@ymail.com.

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