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Thornton Cline is a bestselling, acclaimed author of 13 books. He was honored with the Songwriter of the Year award twice in a row by the Tennessee Songwriters Association for his hit song “Love is the Reason”, recorded by Engelbert Humperdinck and Gloria Gaynor.

Cline has received Dove Award nominations as a project writer and Grammy Award nominations for Music Educator. He is an in-demand author, teacher, speaker, clinician, performer and songwriter. Cline is also a registered Suzuki violin teacher with the Suzuki Association of Americas. He teaches piano, violin and guitar at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee. Cline lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee with his wife and two children.

Readers of all ages are raving about the books of award-winning author-songwriter, Thornton Cline. Winner of the Maxy Literary Award for “Children’s book of the year for 2017” with Mary Elizabeth Jackson, Cline has had three adult, non-fiction, two adult fiction, and 12 children’s books published. “The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Violin” soared to number one last year on the Amazon Bestselling Book chart for children’s music books and “Not My Time to Go” climbed to the top-ten books on the Amazon chart for adult spiritual, non-fiction books. Thornton Cline recently signed with literary agent, Paul Shepherd. Twice “Songwriter of the Year” for “Love is the Reason” recorded by Engelbert Humperdinck and Gloria Gaynor; Dove and Grammy-nominated songwriter, Cline has had over 150 songs recorded by major and independent artists.